About us

Institute for Market Economics (www.ime.bg)

IME is the first independent economic think tank in Bulgaria (non-profit corporation Reg. #831344929 - March 15th, 1993, 729/XI/VI, p. 169). IME mission is to elaborate and advocate market approaches to challenges citizens and businesses encounter pursuing their undertakings. IME objectives are to provide: independent assessment and analysis of the government’s economic policies; a focal point for an exchange of views on market economics and relevant policy issues; and an internationally supported Bulgarian think thank which is widely respected for its expertise.

Centre for European Programmes of the American University in Bulgaria (http://www.elieff.bg/)

In December 2000 the Centre for European Programmes (CEP) was established, as a department for the development of academic, analytical, research, educational and consultancy activities in AUBG. The research and academic activities of the CEP include the development of the European Studies Major; the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in European Studies; European academic and professional exchange programmes; participation in regional and international academic and other networks. CEP participates with projects in a broad range of European Programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci programme, Jean Monnet programme, Socrates/Erasmus programme, PHARE Programmes: ACCESS, Small Projects Programme, Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, Training of Civil Servants; 6th Framework Programme.

Institute of Public Administration and European Integration (http://www.ipaei.government.bg/)

The Institute of Public Administration and European Integration was established in May 2000 in accordance with Art. 35 (3) of the Civil Servant’s Law The statutes and regulations of the Institute were adopted by Ordinance No. 82 of 15 May 2000 of the Council of Ministers, promulgated in State Gazette, volume 41 of 19 May 2000. Its mission is to enhance the qualification and skills of the Bulgarian civil servants, so that they can develop an effective and responsible public administration system in Bulgaria.

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